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Rudy Project cool new gear in 2016
In the company's 30th anniversary in Venice, Italy, ray ban sunglasses sale cheap on the occasion, nearly 80-year-old Rudy Barbazza is on hand to launch the new gear in 2016 experienced and innovative bicycle accessories help announce a new aerodynamic road helmet and two different pairs of sunglasses. Of course, all the new gear Rudy Project is the company's signature hi, namely "fluorescent" pink, yellow and green, as ray ban sunglasses cheap price well as less obvious color combinations available.

The Synform sunglasses ($ 349; 33 g) fold less than three square inches in size, and with a lower stowaway case for easy storage in your shirt pocket, when you do not wear. Sunglasses will be available in three different colors, with four cheap ray ban sale lens options.
The Tralyx sunglasses ($ 249; 28 g) offers a newly designed temple Rudy Project claims to be its most comfortable yet so there is buy ray ban sunglasses cheap no pinching above your ears when you wear them with your favorite helmet. When you do not wear, you can send them to your helmet cheap real ray ban sunglasses vents not uncomfortable poke your head. The Tralyx will stock the border in eight color choices, and three lenses to choose from.
The Boost01 Aviation Road helmet has many Rudy Project Wing57 time trial helmet found the same drag reduction technology. Rudy Project invited aerodynamics help John Cobb, wind tunnel testing in Pininfarina. The Boost01 claiming a 12 percent lower air cheap mens ray ban sunglasses resistance at different yaw angle, compared with the traditional road helmets. Rudy said it delayed the occurrence of fatigue, since there may be a small cut and helmet twisting force, so your neck as well. Another buy cheap ray ban feature is the built-in goggles helmet close Nalu Di lens technology and flip magnetic holding systems. When it becomes available, cheap ray ban glasses online Boost01 will offer two different sizes, eight different color combinations and three lens options, starting at $ 349
The two sunglasses models coming soon, in The Boost01 helmet available cheap ray ban aviator sunglasses in early 2016, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is applying for approval. Looking comment here in the coming months.
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Most of us grab our sunglasses with our cell phone, wallet, every time we leave the house keys. Of course, we appreciate their ability womens ray ban sunglasses cheap to cover a night, but calm hue can also make boring clothes and things, I feel fresh and new, and the difference between the sunglasses cheap ray ban current, large white cat population ages tone is what street style.
While doing rounds at New York Fashion Week, I noticed that you have to miss the blind street a few trends, including denim and army green. White sunglasses are a less obvious (but just as cool) See I noticed it was conspicuous by editors, blog and cheap ray ban online models alike.
Admittedly, these bold glasses not for everyone, but I'm a huge fan. Think about it for a minute, shelling out $ 60 a trend cheap ray ban store of tone can make your basic jeans and a T-shaped combination of feel a little more ray ban wayfarer sunglasses cheap compelling.
That is why a few days to NYFW, I am online, frantically typing white cat's eye sunglasses to Google. After a nice time searching, I found this Australian label pier glasses. They just $ 59.95, so I really can not think of ray ban for cheap reasons not to buy.