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I want to see a different color lenses can really make ray ban sunglasses outlet a difference in performance on the water, running my boat. For testing purposes, I had a quarrel three identical Costa Rica "Golden Rooster" model of sunglasses - except that the color of the lens. A pair of lenses fitted blue, the other with silver lens, and a third light, amber lens, Costa said, "Sunrise." Frame size and cheap ray ban outlet store style of each is the same. I put these lenses in a variety of conditions. Here is what I found.
Bright: sunny open water, I found these lenses skills. They not only cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet cut down glare and provide visual acuity and contrast I spotted fish and harm required. In addition, my eyes did not feel nervous, or "burn," because when I have them wear other colors.
In the dark: they are very dark. I found it flipped up and forced discount ray bans outlet to read at the beach under the umbrella dinner, or in the radio box deep root around in my boat. And at dawn and dusk, unless you are running right in the old sol - I'm more comfortable with them, are not.
Bright: providing a cool classic beauty, ray ban outlet store online Silver Lens color proved it can reduce glare in bright coastal environment and not let my eyes feel tired or offshore, silver let me separate the beach from the deep end and see "sunburn." Into the water, in order to determine ray ban sunglasses outlet stores the bait. I like it, I did not need to like me blue, as much as to remove them from a dark stowage lockers to retrieve something, ray ban outlet stores or the signing of fuel terminals and other credit card. Their dawn, dusk and fog performance than blue lenses.
In the dark: After six or eight hours bright units or offshore, I ray ban sunglasses online outlet started to miss the extra dark blue lenses. In low light, these are outperforming the yellow lenses.
Bright: sunrise * is a proper name. These lenses are an excellent ray ban sunglasses outlet cheap low-light performance during dawn and dusk, the times, the other lenses too dark. Switch to these low "magic moments" Let me see beneath the surface of the light spot fish and shoals. They are also in the flat light of a cloudy day proved excellent, foggy day, I think my watch, keeping capacity is wearing them better. ray ban sunglasses outlet locations They rarely dark to me, I think I have deleted their degree.
In the dark: unit in bright light on the sea and the beach, sunrise shot proved to not be the best, although the ratio is not wearing glasses as well. Basically, they over-amplification bright sun, casting the world in quasi ray ban sunglasses outlet review sci-fi look.