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Andy Sweet
Freelance designer glasses
The development and adoption of new technologies wholesale ray bans sunglasses in the next 10 years could significantly affect the optical industry.
Several companies already have a 3D effect printing framework that allows small businesses producing glasses without tools or molds production costs

and minimum order quantity associated with more traditional ray ban sunglasses wholesale manufacturing restrictions. New possibilities will open up who no longer have to think

about how the design will be designed to provide more complex shapes. With the advances in color technology and materials current limit will

inevitably be released.

With 3D printing becomes more mainstream, not only in the world ray ban sunglasses wholesale of glasses, but in other industries, the price of 3D printers will come down, the

company will begin offering document printing products to customers in the country, and not the actual product shipped. This will allow an

independent designer glasses, but does not produce the traditional ray ban wholesale eyewear maker selling expenses for the design frame directly to the final


The technology is now available 3D printing lens itself and remote vision test will inevitably follow, which makes the prospect of a full glass of

home printing of prescription glasses a step closer. This raises ray ban wholesale sunglasses the industry is the traditional resistance to change interesting question, but it

may be more than a decade ago, it would become commonplace.

Not fully investigate the optical industry is another way to combine smart wholesale ray ban glasses technology applied to the frame. The basic idea behind the Google Glass

is a fun bad execution. If you do not build resistance from the outset, a beautiful product Google created, it would have avoided the concept.

The software is able to identify images and text already exists, wholesale ray ban wayfarer sunglasses and when incorporated into glasses, will make the wearer browse unfamiliar streets,

identifying landmarks, translate foreign language text and so much revolutionized travel and business world. Smart watches allow the wearer to leave

their smart phone in the pocket, and connected to the digital wholesale ray bans world, but smart glasses will make the information they connected at all times

literally flashing before their eyes.
Bob Forgan
Waterside general manager laboratory director
Future technology leadership by glasses. Smart glasses where growth and new opportunities for increased sales will be found.

Glasses world, affordable prescription eyeglasses leading retailers wholesale ray ban sunglasses in the United States, recently led the launch prescription lenses and equipment

for smart glass technology and brand can be worn, including the selection of retail collection of Google Glass, reconnaissance jets specially

designed prescription lenses way, VUZIX and Epson. It's just a matter of time wholesale ray bans wayfarer before other opticians around the world to follow, will undoubtedly

create opportunities for the establishment of an independent expert within the British sector. This opening highlights the exciting opportunities

ahead and indicate the future may have come true! Opticians will have a great wholesale sunglasses ray ban decision to make whether they lead or follow the development of smart

glass industry. A key obstacle to future production prescription lens solutions ranging retail price of smart glass wearing glasses help to

overcome. Essentially smart glass sales, leisure and business purposes, will be the main growth driver in the coming years eyewear category.
Although the main areas of intelligent glasses is present in the corporate sector, we see the whole industry, which could change the face of the

possibility of business in the United Kingdom the right way in the replica ray ban wholesale evolution process. We have the opportunity to innovate and provide those who need

vision correction more options than ever before. From my perspective, I am pleased to see this surge of interest and demand and a willingness to

find new and unusual, and try the process of technical adventure style, and advanced lens design.
Marcello Martino
Freelance designer glasses
The next 5-10 years will be the most exciting spectacle in history.

Outline the same old, cut out of acetate or metal sheet with well-known brands in the temple will not cut it anymore.
Wearable technology is a popular buzz word right now, I think there is no better than glasses of applications. From the modeling point of view,

Google Glass display, it is not for everyone. However, I think in sports, health and government services, glasses technology will flourish.
Fashion house will be greater lengths to ensure their glasses to represent their brand DNA. No longer is a collection of glasses will be extended,

but will lead and inspire a collection of clothing or accessory to adapt. We can look at Milan glasses week, as London Fashion Week created man?

Custom or frame artisans will be in great demand. Originally frame is more primitive than we currently use, but that would lead to the signature

below, and may, if the new varieties frame manufacturers are smart, developed into a similar custom Savile Row suits.Consumers things that will have

more than one Frame, and wear the same glasses frame sunglasses express their emotions, or simply to coordinate their outfits. Glasses are going to

have to adapt to this situation. The purchase is not based entirely on the test around the eye, but will fall in line with the rest of the fashion