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Alan Peterson
CEO Monoqool glasses
Today, independent practice is facing enormous fake cheap ray bans pressure from the capital owned stores, discount stores and Internet retailers. Fast forward 10

years, the outlook bleak.

The chain is becoming more and more professional in all aspects of its business. On the other hand, try asking yourself what real changes in a

typical independent shop compared 10--15 years ago. Not so best website to buy fake ray bans much. Development has stopped, many people sitting in the back paralyzed and unable to


Before you begin Monoqool, I was managing a global furniture chain stores operating in Japan. We 'eat' small local retailers offer breakfast, lunch,

and dinner. They stood against the specialty retail chain enterprises buy fake ray bans online have no chance in experts in various fields. It reminds me a lot in the case

of spectacles industry, unfortunately.

The answer is to distinguish. A few months ago, I visited San Francisco a cool approach. Same owners of three stores in different parts of the city,

each catering to a completely different audience. All three fake polarized ray bans practices are unique, each store has its own scope for the local area frame. The ability

to become each local area to local communities and target groups are part of a clear understanding, so their funds from top professional chain and

discount stores stand out.

As opposed to the budget spent on cash-rich international fake ray bans for clubmaster chain store television advertising and expensive location may seem daunting, but the

strength of the chain stores at the same time their main weakness. Ask a wholly-owned stores in the chain of any manager, if they are honest, they

They will tell you they feel every day a huge setback.

Everything from marketing products is remote at the head office many fake ray bans for sale miles away decisions. Managers at the local level there is no chance to promote

this supertanker, even one inch.

As a local independent store, to understand the big huge competitor weakness is very important. Large chain is all about mass distribution and mass

marketing. Little attention is the individual clients. This is independent fake ray bans for sell of a good opportunity. The key word here, "a local, '' personalized

services 'and' the only. "
Jayne and Zhu Liabeier
Joint managing director, eye position
We mainly found within the optical range of successful businesses, a large part of the interior, the thoughtful product is successful in the

forefront of the industry. In forecasting glasses within the industry, fake ray bans glasses we know that the trend is more and more the nature of fashionable glasses the

UK, we also predict the color will bring more focus glasses to fashion; customers have clearly become more daring with their own color choices,

which will remain indefinitely impact on our products continue into the future.

The optical business needs and progress of each element. We are fake ray bans online proud of the exemplary and personalized customer service, which means that all

aspects of the management of the business and selection of targeted industry partnerships, to ensure that every point of contact - whether it is a

sales representative at a practice or put down the phone friendly voice - that fake ray bans sale the personal and professional Trading through online channels to.

purchase will continue in the next decade growing importance of optics, and as the industry leader, we will continue to do our business as the focus

of the site, as participation and interaction as possible for the optician, become fake ray bans website an unparalleled shopping experience remaining easy to


Social media is now a very important industry platform. We use all major platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) is engaged in

journalism professionals in the industry at all levels, fashion, products and industry related. On Twitter, professionals followers main industry,

which is amazing We received immediate feedback, via preferences and re-tweet high quality fake ray bans of the industry you're interested in -. which means that our audience

is to help guide our content associated with them and we keep. Pinterest is a thoughtful place for us to show the mood board, and gained popularity

from a broad spectrum of individuals.

Accurately predict market demand, the implementation is to listen to customers best fake ray bans wayfarer and consumers rely heavily on feedback. Since our inception, our

growth and development plans eye position has caused market reactions innovation and change, as well as analyze the success and market leading

companies, sat outside the advantages of optics.